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If you need your bike repaired, please complete the Edinburgh contact form below if you intend to bring your bike to our Edinburgh branch, or the Perth contact form below if you intend to visit our Perth branch.

Please include your contact details, including telephone number, and one of our mechanics will be in touch to book your appointment at the first available opportunity.

You can also pop into the branch for repairs between Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10am to 4.30pm. We cannot guarantee we will have availability but we will be able to book you a future appointment if we can’t fix your bike there and then.

Repairs contact forms:

Repair pricing, including VAT.

General Servicing  
Basic £42.00
Nuts and bolts £66.00
Bells and whistle (includes standard cables) £120.00
Headset (excluding parts)  
Fitting £24.00
Service £18.00
Adjustment £6.00
Facing – bare frame £18.00
Brakes (per brake excluding parts)  
Rim (V or cantilever) – Fitting £18.00
Rim (V or cantilever) – Replace cable and adjust £9.60
Rim (V or cantilever) – Replace pads and adjust £9.60
Rim (V or cantilever) – Servicing – pair £18.00
Hydraulic – Fitting and bleed £24.00
Hydraulic – Facing £18.00
Hydraulic – Bleeding £18.00
Hydraulic – Clean and service £18.00
Hydraulic – Replace hose and bleed £24.00
Hydraulic – Replace pads £9.60
Hydraulic – Rotor fitting £9.60
Hydraulic – Caliper rebuild £34.00
Cable disc – Fitting £18.00
Cable disc – Replace cable £9.60
Cable disc – Facing £18.00
Cable disc – Replace pads £9.60
Cable disc – Clean and adjust £9.60
Cable disc – Rotor fitting £7.00
Wheels (per wheel, excluding parts)  
Wheel build – Old parts £36.00
Wheel build – New parts £30.00
Wheel build – True and tension (varies) £6/12/18
Wheel true – Spoke replacement (rear wheel) £18.00
Wheel true – Spoke replacement (front wheel) £12.00
Hub (per hub, excluding parts)  
Service £18.00
Cone adjustment £9.60
Freehub service/broken axle £30.00
Puncture Repair  
On the spot (including tube) £12.00
On the spot (hub gear) £18.00
Tyre fitting (excluding parts and tubeless fluid)  
New tyre fitting £6.00
New tyre fitting – hub gear £12.00
Tubeless tyre fitting £18.00+
Fitting £18.00
Bottom Bracket  
Fitting £24.00
Retapping (if required) £12.00
Facing BB shell £18.00
Service £24.00
Fitting £6.00
Fitting £6.00
Front/rear mechs – Replace cable and adjust £18.00
Front/rear mechs – Replace mech and adjust £22.00
Rear hanger – Replacement and adjust £14.50
Rear hanger – Straighten and adjust £9.60
Service – Front and rear (hanger straightening not included) £18.00
Service – Drivetrain replacement (fitting cassette, chain, chainset, derailleur) £54.00
Insurance reports  
Inspection £30.00
Quote £30.00
New bike building  
Out of box £54.00
Built from scratch £120.00
Part fitting  
Short/clip-ons (pair) £8.00
Full length (pair) £18.00
Rack £6.00
Bar tape £12.00
Fork fitting £36.00
Bike boxing  
Packing and preparing £30.00