Bike Sales FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of bikes do you sell?

We are refurbishing a limited number of bikes for public sale. There is a huge demand for bikes, so we have less stock than normal. We typically sell mountain bikes, hybrids, road bikes, a small number of kids bikes and some folding bikes.

Do I need an appointment or can I just turn up?

We’re open to the public on Fridays and Saturdays 10am-4.30pm for bike sales and minor repairs. Queues have been long (do bring a snack and a good book) – more details on this page.

What’s the average price for an adult bike?

From £100-£200.

Shopping safely during Corona

Find out how to shop safely with us on this page.

I’ve heard there are long queues

Yes, it is a very busy time – please bring snacks and something to do while in the queue. If time, our team may list the bikes available in store on a whiteboard outside. We also try to give updates on how long the queue is likely to be in person.

I’m looking for a particular type of bike – can you advise me before I visit the shop?

We are focusing on refurbishing bikes so are not currently able to check stock. The shops are open Saturdays 10am-4.30pm for public bike sales. Please do come along to see what we have.

Can I reserve a bike?

We are not able to reserve bikes at the moment. We’re selling bikes on the first-come, first-served basis.

Do you sell kids bikes?

We are mainly focussing on building adult bikes, but we do have some kids bikes in stock.

How long is the warranty and how do I claim it?

Our three month warranty covers everything on the bike, but doesn’t cover punctures or wear and tear. To claim your warranty please bring your bike in on a Saturday with the yellow warranty card and your receipt.

Do you sell parts and accessories?

Yes, we sell basic accessories such as lights, locks, helmets and spare parts.

Can I bring my child with me?

Yes, but please be prepared for a long queue. Do check the weather forecast beforehand and bring something to do and some food and drink.

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