Donate Your Bike

At The Bike Station, we are committed to refurbishing donated bikes, re-using their components and giving a bike a new lease of life.

Your donated bike could help us provide someone with a safe, affordable and fun way to make their journeys. There is currently a huge demand for refurbished bikes and we are open again for public donations.

We are accepting donations on Fridays between 10:00 AM and 4:30 PM at both our Perth and Edinburgh branches.

We will not be making collections from people’s homes for the time being.

We need your bike

We are especially in need of adult bikes, and ideally hybrid or mountain bikes

How do I donate my bike?

You can drop off bikes at any of our branches: Edinburgh or Perth. Please bring your bike for a contactless drop-off every Friday between 10.00 am-4.30 pm.

In Edinburgh, please simply leave your donated bike next to the ‘Donate a Bike’ sign outside our warehouse (three doors up from the shop: number 244).

In Perth, please leave donations next to the ‘Donate a Bike’ sign just inside the main door of the shop.

Give us a wave to let our team know you have left something. We’ll probably not come out for our usual bike-related chatter, as we’re focussing on building bikes and limiting face-to-face interactions if we can.

We’re not currently able to collect bikes from homes.

What Happens to My Donation?

We refurbish donated bikes, using recycled components where we can, giving them a new lease of life. Our team of qualified mechanics are specialists in getting all kinds of cycles back on the road.

Once the bike is built it is checked twice to ensure quality and safety and then made available to the public. Any profit made from the sale of refurbished bikes furthers our work in the community.

Is donating a bike an essential journey?

Absolutely. All bike shops have been given ‘essential’ status, alongside supermarkets and pharmacies. At The Bike Station, we encourage you to deliver your donated bike as part of a journey you might be making for exercise or groceries.

Have questions not covered here?

Please take a look at our FAQ page which may have the answer.




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