Donate a Bike

 For the time being we aren’t accepting any donations due to Covid-19 . Please keep you bike and we will be happy to accept it when the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing end. Thank you very much for your support!

If you have an old bike you no longer need, why not make some space in your hall, shed or garage by donating it to us?

As Scotland’s largest bicycle/tricycle recycling charity, we welcome donations of any and all unwanted bicycles/tricycles, whatever their age or condition.

Every bike you donate helps to support our work.

Got spare parts?

We can also use your unwanted parts and accessories – lights, bike panniers, trailers, handlebars, old locks (with a key or combination!) and more. The only things we can not accept are old bike helmets and e-bike batteries.

How do I donate my bike?

You can drop off bikes, parts and accessories at any of our Bike Station locations: Edinburgh, Perth or Dundee.

If possible please bring your donations to your local Bike Station, but if you can’t manage this you can use the form below to donate a bike to us. Our van drivers are busy volunteers, so please note that it can take up to 4 weeks to collect a bike.

Please fill in the form below, and we will be in touch.

Do we need collect it?
This can take some time as our staff and vans are very busy.

Please give us a phone number so that we can contact you:

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What Happens to My Donation?


We upcycle as many donated bicycles as we can, fixing them up and giving them a new lease of life.  Our team of qualified mechanics are specialists in getting all kinds of cycles back on the road.

Once the bike is built, and then checked over, it goes on sale at one of our sites in Edinburgh, Perth and Dundee.

The profits from bike sales are used to support our work, and we also provide bicycles for charities and youth groups so that more people have the chance to enjoy riding a bike.

Sometimes we receive bikes that are beyond repair even by our mechanics – but even these are useful. We salvage any reusable parts to use on other bikes. The rest of the metal then goes to be recycled as scrap. The only thing we haven’t found a use for yet is worn-out tyres. But we keep looking!

Donate a Bike Donate a Bike

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