Donate Your Bike FAQs

Are you accepting bike donations?

Yes, during the pandemic we especially need adult bikes, and ideally hybrid or mountain bikes.

Have a look at our donate page for more information:

When and where can I donate my bike?

We’re open for bike donations on Fridays between 10:00 am – 4:30 pm in Edinburgh and Perth.

In Edinburgh, please leave your donated bike next to the ‘Donate a Bike’ sign outside our warehouse (three doors up from the shop: number 244).

In Perth, please leave your donation next to the ‘Donate a Bike’ sign just inside the main door of the shop.

Full details are on:

Can The Bike Station collect my donation?

We’re not currently able to offer collection.

My donated bike needs a little TLC. How do I know if it is in good enough condition for donating?

There’s more information about what we are looking for on this page:

Can I drop my bike off on other days?

Please get in touch using the form on the following page and mention that you would prefer to drop off on another day. We’ll do what we can to help:

Do you accept kids’ bikes for donation?

Yes, we are always looking for kid’s bikes!

What will happen with my bike after I donate it?

We will make the best possible use of your bike. It will either be refurbished for our communities work or be available for purchase, sometimes your bike will be harvested for parts. Find out here:

Can I donate parts or accessories?

We’re not able to accept safety items such as helmets, or larger items such as bike racks. If you would like to donate parts or accessories, please donate these at the same time as donating a bike. If you run a business and are interested in donating new bikes, parts or accessories, please do get in touch.

Do you accept donations of frames only?

Yes, we accept frames as well as other used parts.

I would like to donate an abandoned or locked bike from my stair, will you accept it?

We can only accept bike donations from the bike owner. Exceptions to this are factoring agencies and bikes donated by the Police. Please see this page for more info about abandoned bikes:

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