Dr Bike

Dr Bike

Dr Bike was a mobile repair service delivered directly to your door.

A skilled bike mechanic would visit your workplace or event with a van packed with tools, grease and small spare parts to provide on-the-spot bike checks and minor repairs. 

Dr Bike is always free at the point of service to the “patient”!

Our mechanics give every bike a 20-point check and makes any quick adjustments that are needed. Most minor problems can be fixed on the spot, including fitting small replacement parts like brake blocks and cables. 

A report – a sort of bicycle MOT – records any work carried out and identified any further work that the bike needs from a local bike shop.

Who benefited from Dr Bike?

Dr Bike sessions were held at all kinds of commercial and public sector employers, schools, community groups, and events. It rewarded current cyclists and encouraged new cyclists to get on their bike. And, of course, Dr Bike made sure everyone at your workplace or event was riding a road-safe and efficient bike.

This project ended in 2020.