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Dr Bike

What is Dr Bike?

Dr Bike is a mobile repair service delivered directly to your door.  A skilled bike mechanic comes to your workplace or event with a van packed with tools, grease and small spare parts to provide on-the-spot bike checks and minor repairs.  Dr Bike is always free at the point of service to the “patient”!

Dr Bike logo registered Trade Mark
Dr Bike logo® registered Trade Mark

Every bike gets a 20-point check, and we make any quick adjustments that are needed.  Most minor problems can be fixed on the spot, including fitting small replacement parts like brake blocks and cables. A report – a sort of bicycle MOT – records any work carried out and identifies any further work that the bike needs from a local bike shop.

To find where and when the next public Dr Bike is, see the calendar and map below.

Who uses Dr Bike?

Dr Bike sessions are held at all kinds of commercial and public sector employers, schools, community groups, and events.  It rewards current cyclists and encourages new cyclists to get on their bike. And, of course, Dr Bike helps make sure everyone at your workplace or event is riding a road-safe and efficient bike.

Regularly timetabling Dr Bike sessions is the best way to ensure their success – we provide posters and publicity to help with promotion.

Dr Bike


Dr Bike costs £60 per hour for one mechanic. Most sessions are at least two hours long.  The cost includes any small parts like cables and brake blocks that we fit on the day.

You can also book cycle training sessions along with Dr Bike – please contact us to discuss your needs.

Book Dr Bike

Just download a booking form, fill it out and email it to

Other Useful Info

We can bring specific parts along with us if arranged in advance (the price depends on the part).

All our mechanics are fully qualified and insured.

Any other questions about Dr Bike? Give us a call on 07446685801 (temporary number) or email us at


Time and place of public Dr Bike sessions in February 2020

The Bike Station is working on getting more people on their bikes in North Edinburgh. Come and join us for a quick bike check, and to share your story about what else we can do to make things easier for you at Dr Bike sessions in Muirhouse and Granton on the dates below. We will have information about cycling, maps, bike goodies, food and more in return. Spread the word. We look forward to seeing you there.

Friday, February 7 from 1pm to 3pm at The Shed, North Edinburgh Art, Pennywell Crt

Monday, February 17 from 12.00 to 2pm at Granton College

Friday, February 28 from 1.00 to 3.00 at The Shed, North Edinburgh Arts, Pennywell Crt







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