Fix your Bike (Edinburgh)

Repair services

You may need a repair to get your bike back on the road, or perhaps it just doesn’t run as smoothly as it used to. We offer repairs and servicing at competitive rates by our highly experienced team of mechanics. We can also source a variety of reconditioned parts from our stock, saving you money.

Call us on 0131 668 1967 to book your bike in for a service or repair. We can carry out almost any repair/adjustment to your bike, from small jobs, such as replacing an innertube, to larger jobs, such as a complete bike build.

Repair services (Edinburgh)

Price list:

Basic Service: £25

  • Safety check
  • Brake and gear adjust
  • Tyres inflated to the correct pressure
  • Drivetrain and cable lubrication
  • Advisory note for any further work required

Nuts and bolts service: £40

As above, plus:

  • Clean, degrease and relube the drivetrain
  • Adjust hubs if applicable/possible
  • Adjust headset if applicable/possible
  • Check all nuts and bolts are secure
  • Wheels trued on the bike

Bells and whistles: £100

As above, plus:

  • Hubs cleaned and regreased
  • Headset cleaned and regreased
  • Bottom bracket cleaned and regreased
  • Wheels trued using the wheel jig
  • Seatpost removed and regreased
  • Handlebar stem removed and regreased


Puncture repair (including new inner tube): £10 for standard wheel and £15 for hub gear

Spoke replacement (including spoke): £10

Brake pad replacement (per brake): £4 + brake pads

Cable replacement (per cable): £6 + cable

Wheel true – On bike: £6  On truing stand: £10

All other work: £24 per hour


Repair services

New parts price list

Inner cables: £3

Outer cables: £2 per meter

Straddle wires: £1.50

Brake noodles: £2 each

Single speed chain: £8

5,6,7,8 speed chain: £10

9 speed chain: £16

10 speed chain: £16

Barend plugs: £1 per pair

Grips: starting from £8

Rimtape: £1.50 per wheel

Loose ball bearings: 5p each

V-brake pads: £6

Canti brake pads: £6

Steel brake pads: £10

Road brake pads: £6

Disk brake pads: priced individually

5 speed freewheel: £12

6 speed freewheel: £14

7 speed freewheel: £17

Cassettes priced individually

Inner tubes: starting from £5

Tyres: starting from £17

All other new parts and accessories are priced individually. 


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