Fix Your Own Bike Online

Our new series of Fix Your Own Bike Online sessions will make you more bike confident and self sufficient, keeping your wheels turning.

Our sessions are designed specifically for beginners and have live instruction and support from our Head Mechanic.

Stephen’s friendly and inclusive approach will help you develop your skills, build your bike knowledge and make sure your bike is road ready without the bike shop wait.

These sessions will provide the fundamental building blocks to feeling more confident and competent in understanding what you need to do to look after your bike for years to come.

We cover everything from checking if your bike is safe, to cleaning and adjusting it, keeping it in tip top condition,  and making adjustments and upgrades.

We’re keeping session sizes small, ranging between 4 and 8 participants, to provide the best possible experience.

Not ready for a group setting? Have a specific question or issue? There is also the option of accessing a 1-2-1 masterclass.

Find out more about how you can develop your skills by viewing the session overview (PDF) and booking now.

Any questions? Please contact us using the form on the right of this page.

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