Hero Bikes FAQs

We have had a huge response to Hero Bikes and are working hard to get bikes out the door.

We are closed to new applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still Apply to Hero Bikes?

We are closed to new applications.

I’ve applied but have not heard back yet

We want to thank everyone for their patience as our small team worked through applications. Everyone who applied should now have received a response. If you have not heard back please check your spam folders.

If you still have not heard from us then drop us a line using the form below. Please note that if you applied after the 16th April it is extremely unlikely we will be able to provide you with a bike.

Can I just show up to the Bike Station to get a Hero Bike?

Please do not show up to either of The Bike Station branches to collect a Hero Bike unless you have been contacted directly by one of our team with a collection date.

How soon will I receive a bike?

The Bike Station refurbishes second-hand bikes and our mechanics are hard at work building bikes to match Hero Bike applications. This does mean it may take some time before the correct size and type are available.

How do I collect my bike?

You will receive an email from our team when we have the right size bike ready for you along with a date for collection at our Edinburgh or Perth shop depending on your location. Due to health and safety reasons, we are unfortunately not able to allow test riding so it is important when filling out your questionnaire to give us the most accurate information possible. Seat adjustments can be made upon collection.

What if something goes wrong?

Your bike will be covered under a standard Bike Station warranty for three months which covers all mechanical faults. If you need something fixed on your hero bike please contact us using the form below.

My bike doesn’t fit, can I change it for another one?

If within two weeks your bike just isn’t working you can get back in touch by emailing us using the form below and we will arrange to get you a different bike.

What if my circumstances change and I no longer need a Hero Bike?

We understand people’s circumstances and needs may change. If for whatever reason you no longer need your Hero Bike please emailing with the subject line ‘Cancel my bike’ and we will reallocate it to another key worker in need (we have a long list of people patiently waiting for bikes!).

This could be because you have been furloughed, you change your job role or workplace, you get a bike from somewhere else or perhaps you find you just don’t get on with your Hero Bike or use it as much as you thought you would.

Can you help me access a helmet, light and lock?

Yes, as part of the Hero Bikes project we will be able to provide you with a helmet, lock and lights.

I need a bike quickly is there anyone else who can help?

Sustrans has put together a great resource of all the cycling offers available for key workers

Is there anything else I need to do?

Please help spread the word!

We would like to promote Hero Bikes far and wide, once you collect your bike, we would like you to take one or more selfies with you and your bike – may be on your journey to work, outside your workplace or just at home.

Email your photos to us using the form below with your name and any feedback you’d like to share with us about your bike and how you’ve been using it.

Do I have to give the bike back?

You will have the option to donate your bike back to us at The Bike Station in six months time, but that is completely optional. If you are still happily riding it, then it is yours to keep!

How can I find out more about cycling?

If your Hero Bike experience renews (or creates) enthusiasm for cycling then we are here for you. Providing access to affordable bikes is just the start of what we do at The Bike Station. Outside of pandemic lockdowns, we offer a wide range of cycle training, maintenance and skill-building courses. Our goal is to keep you cycling, so please follow us on our social media, check out the rest of the website or get in touch directly if you would like more information.

How can I Support Hero Bikes and The Bike Station?

We want to support as many key workers in need as possible. Please get involved and support our heroes to get where they need to be by donating here.

Is there is anything you would like to tell us about Hero Bike?

Please use this email form:

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