Hero Bikes Fundraiser

They’ve kept us going throughout the pandemic  – let’s do the same for them.

Hero Bike logo We’re all starting to go outside again. More of us are cycling to stay safe and to try and have a little fun.
As Scotland reopens, let’s not forget our key workers. They are still out there helping us through these challenging times. Exhausted, and often working with a higher risk of infection, we’d like them to enjoy some of the freedoms we’re all been rediscovering.
Throughout the pandemic, our Hero Bikes programme has helped key workers to get to work safely by providing them with a free bike and accessories. Our Heroes tell us that cycling has not only helped them with their commute but also to manage the mental strain of the crisis.
We don’t know what winter has in store, but we’d like our critical workers to be as ready as they can be. The Bike Station wants to provide bikes to as many of the key workers on our waiting list as possible. Please donate and help our frontline workers get to work safely.
How will my money help? The public has been simply amazing donating bikes for us to upcycle. Many of these bikes have been transformed into Hero Bikes by our mechanics. However, we have received many more applications for Hero Bikes than our small team can supply. With your financial support, we’d like to help more key workers in Edinburgh and Perth get on the road. We’ll provide and professionally build the right bike for each key worker, and supply equipment such as a helmet, lights and a lock, so they can ride safely. We want to respond to the demand and to help as many people as we can.


About Hero Bikes: The Bike Station is committed to enabling healthy, happier journeys. It was quickly apparent during the pandemic that we could play a key role in supporting key workers. We launched the Hero Bikes project and there was so much interest in the project that we had to close applications. Hero Bikes has already helped many key workers, and we want to make sure we can help as many as possible. Demand for Hero Bikes has far outstripped our resources. While our mechanics have been working flat out refurbishing bikes every week, we need your support to provide bikes to more key workers on our waiting list.

What the Hero Bike recipients tell us:

Alison is a Support Worker, providing support during the pandemic, for disabled children and adults in Perth and Kinross. Alison was looking for a way to get to work safely. In the past, she commuted using a car share, but that wasn’t an option during the pandemic. Alison heard about the Hero Bikes project through her work and applied. One of our incredible mechanics, Alan, spent time finding and building the right bike for her. To make sure Alison was ready to go, we also provided a helmet, lights and lock. Cycling has not only improved Alison’s commute; it has also improved her physical and mental well-being. Going for adventures on the bike have also helped her to wind down after a long day at work, and she’s lost half a stone.

“Hero Bikes have really transformed my day-to-day life, I used to be so worried about the safety of public transport but I don’t have to stress about that now. This has been such a help for me during this time. I’ve enjoyed getting more fit and healthy and actually have found that I have more energy at work. It’s also been great to be able to get out on the bike in my time off, I have spent a lot of time roaming around the deserted streets of Edinburgh during this period, it really clears my head. So just want to say a huge thank-you to everyone at The Bike Station for making this possible and for your generosity, it means so much to me.”

Anon Key worker.

“I love how quickly I can get around now, and not having to worry about public transport. It feels safe.”

Ella Martin, Logistics Coordinator for a catering social enterprise.

“Hero Bikes have helped me a lot in my normal day, making my life much easier. Now I spend less time travelling to work so this gives me the chance to rest a little more or to have time to myself. I am very thankful!”

Francisca, Customer Service Assistant.
If you are a company or organisation in a position to support by donating road ready bikes or cycling accessories please get in touch using our contact form.

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