Our bikes

Our bikes

We love bikes.

We love bikes.

  • We love the way they look. We love how they work.
  • We love the way they take us on a journey.
  • We love the way they make us feel.

We are passionate about bikes, and we want to enable as many people as possible to own and ride a bike.

We also know that a bike isn’t just for Christmas. The brilliant thing about bikes is how, with a little care, they can last a lifetime.


Some bikes are refurbished by our exceptionally skilled and talented mechanic and made available in our communities work or for public sale (the profits of which are reinvested back into the charity). 


Some bikes have many of their parts removed and reused. It may be a damaged frame, but if everything else is good, one of our brilliant volunteers will remove all the parts that can be used on another bike, or made available for public sale.


For the parts we cannot use, they are recycled, including taking the metal to scrap yards and recycling the inner tubes.

In doing so we demonstrate how refurbishing, reusing and recycling is not only good for the environment (last year we saved over 50 tonnes of bikes from landfill) but also great for our community and for our pockets.