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Bikes change lives! Bikes give freedom! Bikes support a green economy!


Most bikes donated to us, or those we save from landfill, are refurbished by our exceptionally skilled and talented mechanics. They are then given a new life either through use by our community programme or sold at affordable prices to the general public. All sales income is reinvested so we can continue to support our local communities and offer bikes at affordable prices. 


Any bikes that cannot be refurbished, we strip them for parts to ensure that we reuse the parts that are safe for use on other bikes. Making sure that nothing unnecessarily goes to waste. 


For the parts we cannot use, they are recycled, including taking the metal to scrap yards and recycling the inner tubes.

In doing so we demonstrate how refurbishing, reusing and recycling is not only good for the environment (last year we saved over 50 tonnes of bikes from landfill) but also great for our community and for our pockets.