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Upcycling pre-loved bikes

  • In 2021, our mechanics spent roughly 5,000 hours spent working on bikes.
  • 1,664 of the bikes found new homes, inspiring new cyclists.
  • Gifted 150 free bikes as part of their Shifting Gears Project    
  • The remaining bikes are in our warehouse awaiting their next adventure.

Recycling and reuse

In 2021, we saved 44 tonnes of bikes from landfills. The bikes are refurbished, harvested for parts (in the nicest possible way) and the unused metal is recycled. We also distribute bikes to other organisations for reuse and make second-hand parts and accessories available for purchase. This enables us to support a more sustainable environment by promoting reuse, recycling and repair.

  • 8 tonnes of bikes were repaired and sold in Perth.
  • 36 tonnes of donated bicycles in Edinburgh.
  • 23 tonnes of bikes were recycled in Perth.
  • 16 tonnes of bikes were repaired and sold in Edinburgh.