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How to Book a Dr Bike

Dr Bike is currently not available due to the Coronavirus crisis. Please keep an eye on this webpage and our social media for future updates.

What is Dr Bike?

Our Dr Bike service is a mobile bike repair delivered directly to your door.  A skilled bike mechanic or mechanics, come to your workplace or event with a van packed with tools, grease and small spare parts to provide on-the-spot bike checks and minor repairs.  Dr Bike is always free at the point of service to the “patient”!


Dr Bike

Your bike gets a 20-point check, and we make any quick adjustments that are needed.  Most minor problems can be fixed on the spot, including fitting small replacement parts like brake blocks and cables. A report – a sort of bicycle MOT – records any work carried out and identifies any further work that the bike needs from a local bike shop.

Who uses Dr Bike?

Dr Bike sessions are held at all kinds of places including commercial and public sector workplaces, schools, community groups, events and pop-ups in parks and on cycle paths.  It rewards current cyclists and encourages new cyclists to get on their bike. And, of course, Dr Bike helps make sure everyone at your workplace or event is riding a roadworthy and efficient bike.

Regular Dr Bike sessions are the best way to ensure success and get more people cycling happily – we can provide posters and publicity to help you with the promotion.

Dr Bike


Dr Bike costs £60 per hour for one mechanic and £100 for two mechanics. Each mechanic can check/fix up to 5 bikes per hour.  Sessions are usually three hours long but can be tailored to suit the amount of bikes you have that need to be checked.  The cost includes any small parts like cables and brake blocks that we fit on the day.

You can also book cycle training sessions along with Dr Bike – please email Kat (kat@thebikestation.org.uk) to discuss your needs.

Sessions outside PH1 have a travel fee of £0.50 per mile return.

Other Useful Info

All our mechanics are fully qualified and insured.

Any other questions about Dr Bike? Give us a call on 01738 444 430 or email us at kat@thebikestation.org.uk


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