Terms and conditions for Social Cycle Project guided ride participants

The Social Cycle Project run by The Bike Station Perth organises led rides to encourage people, particularly Social Cycle Loan Scheme participants, to ride their bikes, explore new routes and enjoy cycling with others. These terms and conditions are for the safety of everyone taking part in our rides.

All riders should read these carefully before joining a ride.


Ride: any of the rides organised by The Bike Station Perth, which may be in partnership with other organisations

Rider: anyone taking part in a ride

Organiser: The Bike Station – Perth

Sponsor or promoter: Any body involved in the organisation of a ride other than The Bike Station Perth

Riders’ health

For most people cycling is a physical activity which should not cause any problem or hazard.  However, any rider who has a doubt about their health or fitness, e.g. due to a medical condition or injury that could be affected by exercise (particularly a heart condition), should consult their doctor before participating.  The organiser asks riders to make us aware before the ride of any health conditions that may affect you during the ride or that we would need to know about should something happen to you on the ride.


All rides are designed for cycles including electric cycles. The organiser will help riders to carry out a cycle check before the ride.  All riders are responsible for ensuring that their cycles are in a roadworthy condition, must observe the rules of the Highway Code and follow the instructions of ride leaders. If you are in doubt about the condition of your bike, bring it to one of our public Dr Bike sessions for a free safety check and minor repairs. The organiser’s decision shall be final as to whether a cycle is of an appropriate type or condition to be used on rides.

What to bring 

Helmets are recommended but not compulsory for adults taking part in our rides.  For under 18s helmets are usually compulsory, except for family friendly rides which are all on cycle path.

Please dress appropriately for the weather and bring warm clothing, waterproof clothing, suitable shoes (no open toed or heeled shoes) and gloves.  Bring any snacks or drinks you may need for yourself and accompanying children during the ride. A lock is also recommended if there is a café stop after the ride. 

For evening rides riders must have front and rear lights, high vis clothing is also advised.


The minimum age to participate in each ride will be given in the event details. All children aged between 5 and 15 years must be registered as riders and accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult.  If another adult, this person is responsible for obtaining consent from the child’s parent or guardian.

Children under 5 years should also be registered and ride in a suitable child seat or trailer. No adult may accompany more than four children on any ride.

An adult bringing children is fully responsible for these children for the duration of the ride.


The organiser, sponsor or promoter of the ride may take photographs or videos of the ride and riders for publicity purposes. By registering to participate in the ride either on your own behalf or upon behalf of any other rider including those under the age of 16 years, you agree that photographic images of you, containing you, or of those under the age of 16 years upon whose behalf you have registered, may be used by the organiser, sponsors or promoters of the ride for publicity purposes.  If you do not wish your images of you or children you are accompanying to be used for publicity purposes, please inform the organiser.

Photographs and video may be taken by a rider for their own personal record of a ride. Those wishing to take photos are requested to be open and honest about this. If any rider or organiser objects, then all other participants should be requested not to take any photos of the ride.

Photographs and video may also be taken by individuals not directly connected to the ride, for whatever reason, and riders should be aware that the organiser, sponsors or promoters have no control over this.

Risk and liability 

While the organiser of the ride will do all in their reasonable control to make the ride as safe as possible, all riders take part at their own risk.


The organiser may cancel any rides at their discretion. They will endeavour to give as much notice as possible of any cancellations. The organiser accepts no liability for any costs incurred as a result of the cancellation.


Riders must not wear earphones while taking part in a ride.

Use of information 

The Bike Station will use the information you give us for administration and research purposes in the delivery of these rides. This may include contacting you by email, SMS or phone with reminders or information about your chosen rides. It may also include contacting you to provide information about future rides and other activities organised by The Bike Station which may be of interest and to obtain feedback on your experience of the ride.  If you would prefer your information not to be held by The Bike Station for purposes other than reminders or information about your chosen rides please contact us to request this.  For further information please see our privacy policy.

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