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Social Cycle

Project Summary

The Social Cycle Project ran during 2019/20 and encouraged people, especially non-cyclists or those who cycled very rarely, to make more journeys by bike. 

The project delivered:

  • 51 free loans of recycled bikes and accessories  (e.g. lights, lock, panniers and child seats) for up to 6 months, average duration c.3 months
  • 41 Dr Bike events reaching over 600 people and carrying out 221 bike safety checks, as well as helping to fix mechanical issues and providing advice on cycling and route planning 
  • 22 guided rides involving 110 participants to encourage group cycling and build confidence on routes around Perth

People appreciated the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ through the loan scheme and it was the catalyst for people to take up cycling who would have otherwise have been unlikely to do this. 

The Dr Bike events supported cyclists to continue using their bikes and provided opportunities for engagement to understand local perceptions of cycling and barriers/interests.

Guided rides encouraged a wide range of groups to participate in cycling including families, Perthshire Pride, speakers of English as a second language and older people using Cycling Without Age tri-shaws.  

Case studies based on feedback from participants highlight key impacts under three main themes: 

  1. Embracing cycling
  2. Cycling with children
  3. Cycling as everyday transport

Project partners 

Project funders

  • Paths for All (Smarter Choices Smarter Places Fund) – logos exist for PFA and SCSP
  • Zero Waste Perth