Terms & Conditions

Bicycle sales – warranties

All our reconditioned bicycles are sold with a three month warranty (twelve months for brand new bicycles) and have been fully reconditioned by expert mechanics. We sell them as fully roadworthy and safe.

The three-month warranty covers all mechanical faults.

What is NOT covered:

1. Punctures

2. Failure due to usual wear and tear

3. Failure due to poor maintenance of the bicycle, e.g. if the chain has not been oiled, a part has been taken off and put back on wrongly, etc.

4. Accidents or tampering with the bicycle

In all cases where the fault is covered by the warranty we will endeavour to make good the problem. Where this is not possible, we will offer a replacement bicycle to a similar specification (for refunds, see below).

Bicycle sales – refunds

Refunds for bicycle purchases are subject to a restocking/repair charge. This starts at 15% initially and then is on a sliding scale dependent upon the time that has elapsed since the original purchase and the condition of the bicycle. Refunds remain at our discretion.

Second-hand parts

We endeavour to only stock and sell second-hand parts that we deem to be in good and usable condition.

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