Blog The Bike Station Perth: closed until May 28th

The Bike Station Perth: closed until May 28th

What an incredible shift our team have put in over the last 12 months. Refurbishing bikes relentlessly to ensure as many of our community in Perth have been able to cycle.

Over lockdown, and in the middle of a pandemic, the team have achieved so much.

Every photo of every hero Bike recipient filled us with joy as our team have worked through the strangest of times.

With some of our team taking the next steps in their career, it has provided an excellent opportunity to take stock, recoup and look to the future.

At the heart of The Bike Station will always remain refurbishing bikes and making them available through our community programme Shifting Gears, and for public sale.

We are looking forward to bringing Bike Maintenance training to our Perth branch also alongside Fix Your Own Bike Sessions.

However, all this will take a little time. We are bringing in some new team members and improving the way we do things.

We are excited for the future and for high quality refurbished bikes to find their next adventure on the streets and trails in and around Perth.

For the next four weeks we will be closed. We will see you on 28th May.

Our forever thanks to the incredible team, with a special mention to Alan who showed up, stepped up and gave so much to make sure our bikes were available.