Welcome to The Bike Station!

We recycle donated bikes, sell them at affordable prices, and then use the proceeds to help people across Scotland get cycling.

How can we help you?


Our Opening hours are: Saturday 10am-4.30pm for bike sales and on the spot repairs. We will be changing how we do things to make sure our team and our communities stay safe AND so you can still cycle home an affordable quality refurbished bike. Please read all the information below to understand how we operate at the moment. If you’d like to buy a bike we’d like to make sure it is as safe and still an enjoyable experience as possible!

Coming to the shop

  • Firstly, if you are feeling under the weather please stay at home.
  • Please note that the door will be locked, so please knock.
  • Waiting outside? – please queue 2 metres apart, we have some tyres which are spaced out to stand in.
  • We will allow 1 customer in the shop at a time, and to help ensure everyone gets a look, we will let you stay for a maximum of 10 minutes.
  • For the time being there will be no test rides however the usual 3 month warranty remains.
  • To help us manage keeping things clean – please do not handle things unnecessarily in the shop.
  • There are no FYOB sessions.

Paying Us

Card payments only. We will clean the machine each time, or if you see a bike on our social media you can pay by bank transfer and collect, please email info@thebikestation.org.uk to reserve the bike and arrange the payment.


We are doing minor repairs on the spot on Saturdays only (as puncture repair and minor adjustments), but please wait outside until it’s finished and the mechanic will let you know when to come in.

We will clean your bike when it’s received and when it’s handed back.

Bike Donations

We will be accepting donations only on FRIDAYS [10.00am-4.30pm] at both our Perth and Edinburgh branches.

Keep your eyes open for some exciting developments.  Stay safe and ride bikes!

To donate via a smartphone using the QR below or just use the “donate here” button.

I want to donate a bike

The Bike Station

I want to buy a bike

Bike Sales Edinburgh | Bike Sales Perth

I have a bike that needs fixed

We offer bicycle repairs and servicing in Edinburgh and in Perth. Visit the Edinburgh Repair Services and Perth Repair Services pages.

I’d like to volunteer!

At the moment we are asking all our volunteers to stay at home, so volunteer recruitment is currently closed.

Fix Your Own Bike Sessions & Dr Bike

As a part of our Covid-19 contingency plan we have postponed our FYOB sessions and Dr Bike until further notice.

How can I help The Bike Station?

Thanks for your help! We accept bike donations, and cash donations. With your support we can help people across Scotland get cycling.

My bike was stolen, can you help me find it?

As a charity, all the bikes we receive are donations and we do not buy second hand bikes for resale, therefore we never receive bikes after they have been stolen.

I’ve got an abandoned bike

Abandoned bikes in flat stairwells can be an annoying and a safety hazard. In the first instance, please attempt to contact the owner of the bike by leaving a note on it. If that fails, please call your local Police team by telephoning 101. You can also contact your local Council and/or Councillor to inform them of the problem.

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