About The Bike Station

Our Mission

The Bike Station aims to

  • Encourage and promote good mental and physical health by encouraging people to cycle
  • Help people learn to ride their bicycles safely and to be able to repair them themselves
  • Help the environment by upcycling and recycling and by promoting cycling as a means of transport

We upcycle donated bikes and sell them at affordable prices and use the proceeds to support our aims. As a charitable company, we also apply for grant funding to deliver our projects.

What we do

We run “fix your own bike” sessions in our workshops and manage the Dr Bike mobile bike repair service; work with community and youth groups; offer opportunities for inmates in Scottish prisons to develop skills and self-worth through working on donated bikes; set up a pilot project to place balance bikes in every playgroup in the City of Edinburgh; offer cycle training and bike repairs and lots more. We also offer a wide range of volunteering opportunities where our volunteers can develop their skills and experience while helping us to get people on their bikes.

Some of the people we work in partnership with to achieve our mutual aims include:

  • youth groups
  • community groups
  • Scottish prisons
  • nurseries
  • schools
  • workplaces
  • universities and colleges
  • other charities and social enterprises

Check out our individual shop pages to see what services are on offer at your nearest Bike Station. Edinburgh | Perth.

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Our history

We began nearly 20 years ago as an informal bike swap at Sciennes Primary School in Edinburgh and have since grown to become a Scotland-wide professional bicycle recycling business. You can find out more about our rise from these small beginnings here.



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